What is PCK? (Post 3, Week 4)

What is PCK? PCK is ‘pedagogical content knowledge’ and my understanding of this is that it is a blending of one’s  content knowledge and their pedagogical knowledge, to not only understand what it is they are teaching, but the best approach to take to actually teach it. I found this article* on the NARST website, which takes a viewpoint on this from a science teacher’s view, but it is still relevant, and I was particularly drawn to the article’s ‘recommendations for teachers’ sections.

There are many ways for us, especially as preservice teachers, to build and expand our own personal PCK. These include learnings and understandings from other units studied, curriculum specific documents (such as the Australian Curriculum documents), classroom experiences (especially those gained on prac, and for me, i spend a lot of time in my children’s classrooms, helping out and observing) as well as our research.

One element that I am working on is that of the constructing and transforming knowledge components of the lesson and unit plans. I understand somewhat the theory of these, however i am still working towards deciding which is which for my unit plan (assignment 2). It is nice to see that there are other students who have the same understandings as myself. These are expressed in the blogs of Anne, Lana and Renee, just to list a few, but there are so many more!

I am progressing slowly and learning, but most importantly, I am having fun in the process!

Bye for now!





Cochran, K. (1997). Pedagogical content knowledge: Teacher’s integration of subject matter, pedagogy, students and learning environments. Research Matters To Science Teachers. No 9702. Accessed on April 20, 2016 from https://www.narst.org/publications/research/pck.cfm



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